Galaxy S3 Repair

Galaxy S2 Repair

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Product Description

Our repair services for this model are:

  • Charging Issue
  • Microphone issue (you can’t hear the person, or they can’t hear you)
  • Phone reboots while startup
  • Power, Volume + – buttons don’t work
  • Water Damage
  • Sim card or SD card won’t read
  • etc…

After buy this listing, please send the item to us for repair. Please include your name and a phone number with a brief description of the problem.

Any additional issues that need repairing will be brought to your attention by email or phone call for approval. Additional fees may apply.

Shipping charges in addition to the repair cost is for mailing back to you. Items that cannot be repaired due to severe damage will be returned followed by a refund of the repair charge only.


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